Product Development

What can Caprica Consulting do for you ?

We apply a structured and disciplined approach to new product development,
which can include many elements:

Applied research – plan, design, and conduct experiments to explore fundamental scientific and engineering principles that must be understood in order to design a functioning product

Incremental product improvement – work closely with you and your customers to specify and design improvements to existing products

New product development – work closely with you and your customers to specify and design completely new products

Design for manufacture and assembly – apply intimate knowledge of manufacturing and assembly methods to ensure that new or improved products are easy and economical to produce

Prototyping – work with local machine shops and fabricators to manufacture the prototype components and complete systems

Validation – test prototypes under controlled laboratory conditions, as well as field conditions


What is the best way to do this?

Innovation is the key to a company’s future success. Ad hoc methods of developing new products tend to be expensive, lengthy, and risky. An effective development program starts with well-defined requirements, and applies structured, modern design and engineering methods:

• Capturing the voice of the customer
• Exploring many alternatives
• 3D CAD and finite-element analysis
• Design for ease of manufacture
   and assembly
• Design for reliability and maintainability
• Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing