Professional Training

What can Caprica Consulting do for you?

We can deliver customized training courses to support just-in-time training in lean principles. Some specific courses we’ve done are listed below:

• Introduction to lean manufacturing (1-4 hour versions)
• The 5S system of workplace organization (1-4 hour versions)
• 5S auditing (2 hours)
• Just-in-time systems (4 hours)
• Kanban and supermarket system design (4 hours)
• Value stream mapping – introduction (2 hours)
• Value stream mapping – current state (8 hours)
• Value stream mapping – future state (8 hours)

David developed and taught several courses for the Mechanical Engineering programs at NAIT and the University of Alberta. Portions of these courses can be re-developed into short courses for industry, including the following subjects:

• Ergonomic workstation design
• Manual lifting task design
• Design for manufacture and assembly
• Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
• Reverse engineering
• Preventive maintenance planning


Industrial Training

Training and education are essential elements of any improvement program, and form a large part of our services. We bring many years of course development and teaching experience to all of our industrial and institutional projects.