Production Systems

What can Caprica Consulting do for you ?

Specification development – work with your team to determine exactly what you want your production system to do

Conceptual design – explore and recommend technologies, work methods, and facility layouts that will achieve the desired performance and reliability

System-level design – develop the best concept to define the functions, performance,interrelationships, and layout of the various parts of the production system

Detailed design – complete mechanical design using the 3D CAD system of your choice. We would also define operating, quality, and maintenance procedures that integrate with existing systems in your company. In many cases, we can also do the electrical, automation, and software design and development

Fabrication and assembly – work with local machine shops and fabricators to manufacture the components and assemble the new production system

Testing and commissioning – verify that the system meets the specified performance and make further improvements before releasing the system to manufacturing

Project management – developing larger systems may require a large team, and we can manage the whole process from specification to customer hand-over


What are they ?

Production Systems include the facility, equipment, people, and procedures that are used to manufacture a product. Our experience includes the design, construction, and commissioning of a wide variety of systems, from small to large:

• Tools and fixtures
• Material handling equipment
• Manual and automated machines
• Work stations and production cells
• Complete manufacturing facilities